6 Reason Why You Should Be Using Stevia Sweetener As A Sugar Substitute

1. Organically grownThe stevia sweetener is made from the Stevia plant, or Stevia Rebaudiana, and commonly known as candyleaf, sweetleaf or sugarleaf. The plant favors humid, wet enviroments and grows in favorable parts in Brazil and Paraguay (Goettemoeller and Ching, 1999).2. Natural Sugar replacementThe sugar replacement Stevia plant has been used for more than 1500 years as a sugar free sweet for the Guaraní people, who are located on the borders of Brazil and Paraguay. The plant becomes an inevitable sugar alternative especially with the over 346 million diabetic population across the world. (WHO, 2011).3. Calorie freeStevia products such as Good Good Stevia Drops are totally calorie free! The sweet compounds of Stevia pass through the digestive process of...

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