Good Good Granulated Stevia 450 gr– Sweet Like Sugar

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SWEET LIKE SUGAR replaces regular sugar in the kitchen cupboard. Sweet Like Sugar is often called stevia sugar, made from granulated stevia and erythritol, both 100% natural sweeteners.

It’s a great sugar substitute for baking, decorating and adding a sweet touch to every meal.

One teaspoon of Sweet Like Sugar is equal to one teaspoon of standard sugar.

CONTENT: Household sweetener

NET WEIGHT: 450g (Granulated)
INGREDIENTS: Sweetener (Erythritol,Steviol glycosides).

SWEETNESS: One tsp equals one tsp of sugar.

Same sweetness (1:1 ratio) as  sugar

Does not affect blood sugar level

Tooth friendly

Helpful with weight loss,
but only with a calorie-controlled diet